Sunday, 3 January 2010

Little Felted Colorscape Purse

I created this to go with my Colorscape Entrelac Bag (also pictured!), which was based on this pattern :

The bag used about a skein and a half of Rowan Colorscape Chunky, so I thought I'd make a little coin / credit card purse to go with it out of the leftover yarn. It has two compartments, one for coins, the other for notes or cards.

You Will Need
Less than half a skein of Rowan Colorscape Chunky (not sure of exact yardage, but it's well less than half a skein).
6.5mm needles
5mm crochet hook (don't let that scare you if you don't do crochet - it's to create a cover for the magnet fastening - I'm sure there are other creative ways of doing it!)
Needle to weave in ends.

The Pattern
Main body of purse
Cast on 18 st
Knit 40 rows

Shape the front fold
R1: K2, k2tog, knit to 4 before end, SSK, K2
R2: Knit to end
Repeat these two rows another 4 times (you should have 8 st on needle)
Next row: K1, k2tog, k2, ssk, k1
Next: knit to end
Next: K1, k2tog, ssk, k1
Next: knit to end
Next: k1, k2tog, k1
Bind off

Centre division
Cast on 17st
Knit 12 rows
Bind off, leaving longish tail

Making Up
Fold purse in 3 to find the 'bottom' of the purse.
Using tail from centre division bind-off, sew the centre to the bottom row on the inside.
Sew up the sides of the purse, making sure you catch the centre section as well as the two outsides (I whip-stitched it - blanket stitch would be pretty too).

Felt the purse until the garter stitch ridges have faded and the purse is the desired size (mine is 13cm wide and 8.5cm deep).

Add a magnetic clasp to to fasten the front of the purse.
Crochet a small circle with left-over yarn by creating a magic adjustable ring and then crocheting 8 double crochets (that's UK terminology - single crochet if you're using US terminology) into the circle, and binding off. Sew the crochet circle on top of the fastening to hide it.

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