Sunday, 15 November 2009

Debbie - Rowan Kid Classic Lace Scarf

You Will Need
5mm needles
3 skeins Rowan Kid Classic

The Pattern
Cast on 36 st
Use faggotting lace pattern until scarf measures 150cm.
Cast off.
Work in ends.

Cut fifty-two 25cm lengths of yarn for tassels.
Take two of the lengths of yarn at a time, and knot through the ends of the scarf at even intervals.
Wet block.

R1: [k1, y2o, k2tog] repeat to end
R2: purl to end - letting the 2nd loop of each yo2 from the previous row drop (end with 36st on the needle)
R3: [k2tog, y2o, k1] repeat to end
R4: as R2

Where y2o means: wrap the yarn round the needle twice without knitting (so creating 2 loops on the needle)

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